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     Forty years of experience has placed Don's name in demand around the state and nation.  Customers in Alaska send their trophy's to his studio in Kansas because they know it will receive the attention to detail, he is famous for.

     He has been called on to teach numerous seminars both in and out of his home state of Kansas.  In addition, his commitment to excellence in the final mount, has earned him many top awards in  state and national shows.

     Growing up on his parent's farm gave him the opportunity to see wildlife in its natural habitat.  As an avid hunter he traveled to many states. He has also traveled to Africa and  Canada learning about species not common in Kansas.

Like many taxidermist's he took Northwestern School of Taxidermy course, learned from "the old guys" and by trial and error.  Prior to retirement, Don worked in a museum for over 20 years as the exhibits specialist.  Taxidermy was just going to be a hobby.  Then friends would drop by, see his work and Sportsman's Taxidermy was born in 1976 in the family basement.

Currently, he has a large building which includes a showroom and workshop with everything from rugs to life-size mounts.  His son Jeff began working in the shop in 1994 at the age of 19.  He has the same attention to detail as his dad, with a special interest in bird taxidermy.  He currently does all the bird mounts for the shop creating something each customer can be proud to display in their home.

Being a people person, Don enjoys the frequent visits from his many friends.  There's always an extra stool for visitors and customers and stories are many.

He encourages new customers to visit his full service shop and we are not limited to what can be purchased from suppliers.  We make all our plaques, bases, habitat scenes and we are able to custom build whatever you need to display your trophy.
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